About Us

About Us

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India is an agriculture-based country with around 62% of its people depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Indian farmers are completely unorganized and they are not able to use the latest technologies in the agricultural sector production.

We are working round the clock for marginal farmers with the object of agriculture production, post-harvesting processing activities, procurement, selling and distribution, export of primary production of the members or import of goods for their benefit. We are helping farmers to improve their livelihood by organizing them. We are aimed to empower farmers by creating a cluster of farmers and it will help farmers to use the latest technology and reduce the cost of agriculture harvesting.

Our main activities are aligned with below mentioned object:

  • Farm to Home concept working for produce
  • Production of the primary produce
  • Procurement of the primary produce
  • Harvesting and Grading of the primary produce
  • Poling and Handling of the primary produce
  • Marketing of agricultural primary produce
  • Selling or export/import activities in relation to agricultural produce

“Produce from agriculture activity which consists animal husbandry, floriculture, horticulture, viticulture, re-vegetation, bee raising, forestry, forest products, and farming plantation products, produce of hand-loom, handicraft, and other cottage industries”